Sitemap - 2022 - Aging in America

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Medicare High-Income Surcharge Relief and Tax Planning

Everyone but Uncle Sam spent more for health care in 2021

Another Vexing Medicare Annual Enrollment Season is Over

Do You Understand What Your Doctor is Telling You?

A Deep Dive into Medicare Dental Benefits

Taking a break

A New Book, and You're Invited

Medicare Advantage: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Surge in 2023 Private Medicare Plan Choices

Phil’s Invaluable List of Medicare Web Links

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They’re Coming for Your Social Security and Medicare!

Good News is an Endangered Species

A Great Medicare Open Enrollment Question

Feds Stepping Up Oversight of Medicare Advantage Insurers

Beware Those Medicare Open Enrollment Ads

2023 COLA will be 8.7 percent

Medicare Open Enrollment

Alzheimer's Press Release Heard ‘round the World

Medicare Announces Lower Premiums Next Year

It's Getting Easier to Open Medicare Enrollment Windows

Medicare Advantage and Low Value Care

Oh, Joy! Medicare Annual Enrollment is Nearly Here.

Social Security Outdoor Waiting Lines Literally Causing Seniors to Steam

Gone Fishin'

Your Two Cents' Worth, Please

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How to Push Back Against Ageism

One Small Step for Social Security

The Department of Easy Medicare Answers is Closed for Repair

Finally, a COLA with Lots of Fizz!

Here’s a Primer on Major Medicare Changes Coming Your Way

A Better Deal from Medicare’s Part D Drug Plans?

Finally, a Drug Bill with Good News for Medicare

Health Insurance Price Data: It’s Out There, but It’s Not for the Faint of Heart

A True and Shameless Pitch for Your Money

It's All About the Guardrails

Expect a Big Increase in 2023 Social Security Benefits

SNAFU! Good Intentions for Drug Discounts are Abused

Reducing Unneeded Health Care Saves Lives and Money

Recapping a Very Busy Week for Medicare

Later-Life Money Issues Dominated by Health and Bequests

Successful Aging? Just the Facts, Please.

How Medigap works

Why Can’t We Make Things Better in Health Care?

Ageism May Be Mostly in Your Head

Why Failing to Fix Social Security is a Very Big Deal

Two Steps Back Equal One Step Forward for Seniors

Social Security’s role in Medicare

And now, for the real Medicare report card

Big Increases in Part B Medicare Premiums Will Remain Until 2023

The Great Un-Retirement is Upon Us

Medicare at 60 Largely Musical Chairs for Uninsured

Learning to Live with Inflation

Making the transition from employer insurance to Medicare

Health Care vs Capitalism

Social Security Office Visits

Avoid Fill-in-the-Blank End-of-Life Directives

Medicare Enrollment Periods Should Disappear

On reinventing the wheel

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